Social Media Design

With social media dominating the majority of other advertising methods, you need to have your social media game sussed. 
Social media is mainly used for creating brand awareness as well as promoting products or services. 
I offer everything you need to help create brand awareness across a range of social media platforms.

Social Templates

Only one £15 

(1 hour design time)

Set of 3 £25 

(2 hour design time)

Set of 6 £45 

(3 hour design time)


What's included?

• 3 design ideas to choose from

• 1, 3 or 6 versions of your chosen design(s)

• An easy guide on how to use them.

Cover Photo


(2 and a half hours

design time) 

What's included?

• 3 design ideas to choose from

• Social & contact icons

• Addition of logo design can be added for discount fee.

Video Advertisement


(6 hours design time

• A variety of photos/video clips merged into one video advertisement. (These must either be supplied by yourself or I can film for you at an hourly rate of £15ph)

• Up to 3 minutes long

• Optimised for your chosen social media platform.

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