Handdrawn Geometric Dotwork Galaxy Moth



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Geometic Dotwork Galaxy Moth

    I recommend printing on card stock for invites with plain backgrounds. 
    Items with high colour are best printed on to photo paper as the colours stand out more. 
    However, please do a tester sheet before a final decision is made.
    I am not responsible for problems with printing or the refusal of certain shops to print your item.


    These items will not print out as real gold or metallic. 
    The image is made to imitate the gold/metallic affect. 
    Faux Gold and metallic items look best when printed on high gloss paper - it's makes the sparkle stand out more than when printed on standard paper or card. 
    However, I recommend you do a tester sheet first to decide which paper is best for you before going ahead.

    Printed colors may vary from one computer monitor to another, one printer to another, between different types or brands of paper & ink, and also with the choice of printer settings. Because there are a vast number of variables involved in printing, there will be no refunds and no design color changes if you do not like the colors when printed. 

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